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Alternative, if you can afford it: T-Mobile offers a one-month wireless connection to their hotspots for €30. Good bandwidth, reliable connection (I've used it in Novotel and conference centre).

Barry Norton: Also works in McDonalds if you're staying near the railway station. (Not great for diet or ethics, but at least they have a separate 'coffee shop'-style section.)
John: Failing that turn off your laptops and listen to the talks instead :)

Fri, Oct 31 at 10:25AM (2 comments)

John posted ISWC Twine

I've set up an ISWC Twine for anyone interested:

Fri, Oct 31 at 10:06AM (0 comments)

the last person I met on my list is Daniel, whom I run into without planning. I guess i should have use this social network website more frequently when I'm in ISWC2008. Again, Factbook idea is important, and better if there is a location information and semantic match making service for adding "unexpected" conversation.

Thu, Oct 30 at 12:06PM (0 comments)

Olivier Rossel posted Semantic Web and End-users.

Let's face it, we suck at defining computer UIs (ie. understanding the user and interacting with him or her). It makes all our wondeful ideas difficult to show and sell. Datao, the Semantic Web Browser, is a first attempt at focalizing on the end user and how he or she will interact with the Semantic Web. You can have a look at the website for details (cf ). But more important, I invite people interested in discussing that probl... [read more]

Olivier Rossel: i realize that i should have precised that UI does not stand for User Interface, but for User Interaction (which is a very generalization of just User Interface).
Vadym Kramar: Ok, that changes an aspect a bit, but problem remains, it is true. Probably, many entities have to be involved into a process: a computing device (not only a computer, but a mobile phone or a home electronics device) itself (or, actually, it's operat... [read more]
Olivier Rossel: this sounds like a good partitionning of the elements to investigate. but don't forget the user as en element of the big picture :) from that perspective, the presentation of leo yesterday was enlightening, especially when it comes to measure the sat... [read more]

Thu, Oct 30 at 9:56AM (5 comments)

Leo Sauermann posted Startups in Semantic Web

Who is new on the scene? I have been drinking beer with most of the companies already - who is new? lets meet at the conference.

Sam Chapman: missed the meeting last night :( what with time changes and lack of mobile & network at the time. Oh well. Will speak to others individually later, just grab me.
Sam Chapman: missed the meeting last night :( what with time changes and lack of mobile & network at the time. Oh well. Will speak to others individually later, just grab me.
Sam Chapman: missed the meeting last night :( what with time changes and lack of mobile & network at the time. Oh well. Will speak to others individually later, just grab me.

Wed, Oct 29 at 11:39AM (12 comments)

Dan Brickley posted Where is Danny Ayers?

Danny Ayers seems to have gone missing (as of tuesday morning). I need to speak to him urgently. Please contact me (, tel: +44.777.2232865), Reto or his friends from Talis if you know where he is. Many thanks... Dan

Tue, Oct 28 at 11:50AM (0 comments)

The OWLED task group working on a common Controlled Natural Language syntax for OWL 2 will be meeting at lunchtime today to discuss next steps. Anyone interested in joining the effort please email Anne Cregan: Thanks, Anne

Tue, Oct 28 at 9:02AM (0 comments)

In order to improve the wireless experience for all attendees we kindly ask you to refrain from using Skype and download huge amounts of data / stream video over the wireless. For these activities we have cable internet connection at the desks in the lobby (the tables with power outlets and ethernet cables). We will also start announcing it tomorrow morning.

Tue, Oct 28 at 12:36AM (0 comments)

Daniel Hansch posted Wiki on a Stick

Hi there! Did you already give the "Wiki on a Stick" a try? (The Wiki - Semantic MediaWiki incl halo-Extension - is contained in the memory stick each registered user got) Let our team know how you like it! Leave your comments here: Cheers Daniel

Tue, Oct 28 at 12:21AM (0 comments)

Doing a start-up in the Semantic Web? Being a VC and searching for start-ups? Wanting to join a startup? Knowing about a cool startup? We want to have the news, chit the chat, and exchange exciting startup gossip! Meeting Tuesday after the Welcome Reception/Poster Session/NEPOMUK Nexus at 20:30 at the place where the NEPOMUK Nexus was. We will chat until 21:00 and then move to the next bar to get some beer. It may be chaotic. Wanna join late? Cal... [read more]

Leo Sauermann: The place is: meeting in the Foyer. who will participate? Please answer, also look at for the previous post
Alexander Paar: Leo: Neat idea, I will join you on Tuesday.

Mon, Oct 27 at 12:13PM (2 comments)

Titus Schleyer posted Schedule for PICKME tomorrow

Hi, I was wondering when the true beginning of the PICKME workshop tomorrow is. The ISWC program book (p 19) says 9:00h (, whereas the PICKME Website ( says 14:00h. It looks like it is 14:00h, but I wanted to make sure. Thanks Titus Schleyer Pittsburgh

Tony Linde: Glad you posted this, Titus. I had my alarm set for an early call which I shall now unset. Thanks.
Ora Lassila: I am operating under the assumption that my keynote is at 14:05

Mon, Oct 27 at 8:49AM (2 comments)

We'll try to get as complete a portrait of the biodiversity of the Stadtgarten (just South of the Congress Center) as we can. All are welcome to join us Tuesday at 10:15 AM (after the keynote) in the foyer. Bring your camera. Our hidden agenda will be to collect data for tonight's semantic eco-blogging demo (

Tue, Oct 28 at 9:31AM (0 comments)

tim finin posted Sign up for a lightning talk

This year, ISWC includes a session of “Lightning Talks” at 14:00 on Thursday. The session provides an opportunity for participants to present ideas, comments, calls for collaboration, scathing polemic criticisms,... controversy and discussion are positively encouraged! We particularly welcome observations or comments arising from material presented during the conference. Talks last no longer than two minutes and can include just one PDF slide. Th... [read more]

Sun, Oct 26 at 12:22PM (0 comments)

dreig posted Online version?

I´d like to know if the conference could be followed online (twitter, live events or whatever) Many thanks in advance

Sun, Oct 26 at 9:45AM (0 comments)

ISWC 2008 presentations and most of the tutorials will be recorded, edited, and published on, which provides free and open access to high quality video lectures by distinguished scholars and scientists from around the world. Speakers who want their presentation published, must fill out a release form, which will be available at the ISWC registration desk and from the session chairs. You can also download the form and send a sign... [read more]

Sat, Oct 25 at 10:00PM (0 comments)

On Sunday, after the workshops and tutorials, there will be an informal meeting of the semantic wiki community and everybody who is interested to join. This is not part of the official conference program. You are invited to give a lightning talk or a demo of your system, to participate in discussions, and to network with other people in the community. See for details and for signing up.

Tue, Oct 21 at 12:37PM (0 comments)

Leo Sauermann posted Talk dates?

main conference talk dates missing in calendar! looking forward seeing them

tim finin: The only way we can enter them is manually, one at a time. I entered some to get the hang of it. We'll get some help in getting the rest online. The calendar feature is new on Crowdvine and I've not seen it used. I think it has a lot of potential.
Tony Linde: Calendar feature is invaluable - I've used it before - looking forward to adding the rest to my personal schedule.

Wed, Oct 8 at 11:08PM (2 comments)

tim finin posted Flicker photos

I created a Flickr group [1] as a pool to add photos from ISWC 2008. Of course, if you use Flickr you can also just tag your photos with the tags ISWC2008 [2] and ISWC [3]. I'd recommend using both, since some people will only be interested in finding photos from ISWC2008 while others might be interested in photos from all of the last ISWCs. Why have a pool as well as a group? Well, one reason is that others have and will use ISWC as a tag for ph... [read more]

tim finin: I hope I am not the only one who frequently misspells Flickr.
tim finin: rdfs:seeAlso

Wed, Oct 8 at 4:32PM (2 comments)

STI International sponsors another community for experts in Semantic technology which is meant to last at This community, launched on September 24th, combines people search with social networks and heavily uses Semantic technologies under the hood. You might already be listed given that our crawlers captured your expertise in Semantics, for example by publishing in past ISWCs. You can be found based on your expertise and... [read more]

Wed, Oct 8 at 3:14PM (0 comments)

Tony Linde posted Who's up to what in SW?

Related to ISWC2008, I am working to add SKUA facilities to the myExperiment software. myExperiment ( ) is building social networking software for sharing research artefacts (currently focussed around workflows). SKUA ( ) aims to provide access to distributed knowledge repositories for astronomers. My goal is to demonstrate that the SKUA technologies work by making them available from a modified version o... [read more]

Mon, Sep 29 at 10:55PM (0 comments)